Accent Music Belfast

 Guitar Lessons


1. Do I need my own guitar before starting?

Answer: No, instruments are provided. Once you are ready to purchase a guitar Andrew can arrange to go and purchase your first guitar with you.

2. What will happen at my first lesson?

Answer: At your first lesson you will have a chat with Andrew to discuss the course material and your own personal aims. It is most likely you will want to purchase the course material on your first lesson so you can practice at home. First lessons are always 30 minutes long.

3. I am a parent. Can I sit in on my child's lessons?

Answer: Yes. Parents/guardians are encouraged to periodically sit in on lessons so they can get an idea of their child's progress.

4. I am a parent. Will my child be tutored with other children?

Answer: All tutoring is done on a 1-1 basis.

5. Where do the lessons take place?

Answer: Lessons are held at Andrew's Home. Lessons will take place in a dedicated teaching studio. 

6. How does Accent Music ensure the safety of children and vulnerable adults?

 Answer. Andrew has an Enhanced Disclosure Certificate from Access N.I. Andrew also previously serves as a Child Protection Officer at Light and Life F.M.C. The experience and training he receives in this role makes him  well placed to guarantee the safety of children, and vulnerable adults,who are taught at Accent Music Belfast.  He also periodically attends child protection seminars in order to stay up to date on the issues surrounding child protection. Andrew is committed to the safety and well being of all children and vulnerable adults.

7. Is Accent Music Belfast Insured to Teach?

Answer: Yes, Accent Music Belfast holds a current and up to date public liability insurance policy.